Questions & Answers

What is Swop the Mop?

Its an online platform where you can register to find someone to clean your house really cheaply, or be a freelancing cleaner yourself and earn money, or both! Depends on what you just feel like at the moment.

By using swop the mop you can earn some money in your freetime by freelancing. You do not need any extra registration, permit nor a contract to join the community. You can also hire a freelance cleaner for much cheaper than any cleaning company and in much more flexible hours .

How can I earn money by swoping?

Very simply! You just create your free account with basic information about you and a picture. Right after we verify your identity, you are ready to look for cleaning requests in your city, suggest them your price and wait for the answer. After you finish the cleaning, you will get a short review from the house owner which will help you to get you next job easier.

What do I do if I need a cleaner?

If you are in need of a cleaner to help you out in your place, simply post a cleaning request on the platform, describe what kind of house you live in and how much cleaning you need, then offer an amount of money you are willing to pay. As soon as you post it, freelance cleaners from around your town will try to win the job by suggesting the lowest price and you can pick from them according to their reviews.

What is a review and why does it matter?

After finishing the cleaning up, both the cleaner and the house owner are asked to leave a rating for each other. This will do them and the community a great service because:

-a freelancing cleaner will easily get a next job if his past ratings are good. The idea of the rating will therefore motivate him to do a really good job

-a flat-owner will be able to pick the best cleaners for him best on the reviews

-the community will receive a clear message from the rating such as : Yey, this looks like a nice person, I would like to swop with him/her!

Is using SwopTheMop safe?

We run a verification process for every individual registering on our platform and make a lot of effort to make SwopTheMop safe for you. We encourage you to let us know immediately in case you spot an abnormal behaviour or activity around the platform. We appreciate your help and your engagement, they help us to make the SwopTheMop a safe, flawless place for our community.

Do you have more questions? Please do not forget to email it us